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NEWSLETTER- Wimbledon Ballot Now Open (Week of 15 Apr 2019)

Greetings Graftonites:

While we focus on getting our Summer Champs matches played, we wanted to draw your attention to the main item in today's broadcast: the 2019 Wimbledon Ballot! Every year, without fail, tickets are forfeited because someone didn't quite read or understand the instructions. We know it's a lengthy announcement, but still please take the time to familiarise yourself with it before signing up. Any questions to be sent to

Here are all the items in this week's bulletin:


***If you wish to put an announcement in next Monday’s broadcast, the only way to do so is by sending your broadcast to by Friday 6pm.***

WIMBLEDON BALLOT (Wed 01 May from 730pm)

It's time to try your luck and enter the Grafton Ballot for tickets to Wimbledon 2019!!! Please fill in the below doodle to indicate your availability during the Wimbledon fortnight:

This is the only way to participate in our internal lottery for tickets for this world-class event. Entry to the draw will close on SUNDAY 28 APRIL. The draw will be held at the Club on WEDNESDAY 01 MAY from 730pm. We will notify you by email if you have been successful, so please make sure your contact details on mycourts are up to date!

Please note:

- You MUST be a fully paid-up Grafton (tennis or squash) member to enter.
- You MUST have opted-in, as per the LTA requirements.
- We encourage you to apply in Grafton pairs by putting BOTH names in the one line of the doodle. If you are successful, one member of each Grafton pair then has to pay for both tickets in full within 14 days of the draw notification via the LTA website. The tickets will not be released until the LTA has received the payment for both tickets. It is then up to the lucky ticket winner to encourage their “plus one” to refund them accordingly.
- If you are quite happy for the luck of the draw to pair you up with somebody else from Grafton, then please just your name in the doodle. The tennis gods will them decide with whom you will go to the Championships.
- If you already have the doodle app on your phone then please change the settings and edit your profile name to include your name and your partner's (if applicable).

*** If we only see one name on the entry line we'll assume you're an adult AND you're happy to be paired up with somebody else from Grafton. Junior members MUST include their parent's or guardian's name.***

- If you fail to make your payment within 14 days of the ticket draw, then you will lose both tickets and they will instead go to somebody else on our reserve list.
- If you realise you can no longer attend Wimbledon, please get in touch with us immediately via the below email so we can see if alternative arrangements can be made. The earlier you let us know, the better.
- Any successful ticket winner below the age of 12 must have permission from a parent/guardian who will purchase the tickets on their behalf and who will attend the Championships with them. No member aged 8 or under is allowed to enter the Draw. Again, Junior members MUST include their parent's or guardian's name on the doodle line of their entry.

The LTA have become more involved in the allocation of tickets to clubs. This was driven by historical issues with people trying to sell the tickets they had been allocated. The LTA takes this very seriously and their new rules are designed to be able to hold individuals accountable. Selling the tickets or giving them to a third party as a gift, would be a serious breach with consequences for both the individuals involved and the club. In the event of no play due to rain, the LTA will make a refund depending on how much, if any, play there was. The LTA have warned in advance that refunds could take several months to be processed.

Good luck everyone! Questions or comments to:


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Sat 27 Apr - American Doubles (1pm till well late)
Wed 01 May - Wimbledon Ballot
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