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Winter Handicap Draw Online

Dear all You will be pleased to know that the draw for the inaugural Grafton Winter Handicap Tournament is now online. Please log-in to the MyCourts website to view the draw on the Tournaments tab. The massive entry list has meant that I've had to split the draw into two halves; you are in the bottom half. Once there, you will also be able to check your own handicap. Remember this handicap is based on your current league position and you will keep this handicap throughout the tournament. For the more 'traditional' of you out there, I will also get a hard copy of the draw posted up in the clubhouse next time that I'm down but don't wait for that to check out your your opponent! A few admin points: - The aim is to hold the final on the same day as the Winter Mixed finals (March 18th), which means we have quite a few rounds to get through before then. The deadline for first round matches is Sunday 27th November, taking into account everyone's busy festive season. - In the interest of expediency, I'I afraid I'll have to take a tough line with deadlines. Unplayed matches shall be put to a coin toss unless you can show they've been arranged. Please get in touch at if you're not having much luck contacting your opponent. - Matches should be two tie-break sets, followed by a championship tiebreak at 1-1 if required. - As above, you will carry your handicap through the tournament; your opponent's handicap is also shown on the draw. Remember you start EVERY GAME with your handicap score. So for example, Player A (0) vs Player B (30): every game starts on the deuce side at 0/30 to Player B Player A (-30) vs Player B (15): every game starts on the ad side at -30/15 to Player B. Player A would have to win six points to win the game, Player B only three. Player A (-50) vs Player B (-15): I would suggest you 'net' the scores so that every game starts on the ad side at -40/0 to Player B. Player A would then have to win seven points to win the game, Player B the normal four. - I would suggest normal deuces, but you can play sudden death if BOTH players agree. - I would also recommend you start tiebreaks, including the championship tiebreak, with your respective handicaps in mind. By then you should know how many points Player B should be ahead at the start of each game. I will endeavour to email each match-up individually over the next week so you will know each other's contact details and handicaps and you should be comfortable with the rules. Good luck and remember to enjoy it! David

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