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There have been plenty of positives on the squash side recently: the courts and building have been refurbed/decorated, a water fountain installed, the teams are winning and membership is up; this is all good but the latter IS resulting in court pressure, as you are aware no doubt. Please be assured that we are addressing this: we are considering implementing a booking fee coupled with a reduction of the lights fee and will keep you informed on this. The closure of the courts for the refurb did cause a backlog of team matches but the season ends today to free-up more courts which will help but please also note the following: - with immediate effect, there will be a 10-day deadline to pay late-cancellation fines, otherwise access to the booking system will be denied until payment is received. - please try to keep guests to a minimum to maximise use by members. - play Friday/Saturday/Sunday if possible to spread the use of courts. - 6-month membership is no longer offered to keep numbers down. We hope that this is helpful and that you continue to enjoy your squash at Grafton - many thanks for your co-operation. Squash Committee

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