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A new development/option for you: if you are not familiar with Racquetball its a cross between tennis and squash , played on a squash court using short racquets and a ball that bounces more than a squash ball- hence you get longer rallies and plenty of quick exercise; rules are as per squash with american scoring (ie every point counts) to 15. Full Rules are attached and check ' Youtube racquetball' for some action! We obviously need to defer to squash members as far as court availability is concerned so need to give them priority;racquets and balls are stored in the cupboard under the stairs in the squash courts which can be opened with 3618. This will give you the opportunity for action if rain stops play on the tennis courts; so the system is: Weekends: 1. Book a court (advance booking OK) 2. Buy a 45-minute light token. 3. ENSURE that you wear non-marking shoes; ie no trainers or ribbed soles -this is ESSENTIAL. 4. Grab equipment from the cupboard (and return it afterwards, locking the cupboard). Mon-Fri: as per above but you may not book in advance- just check on the night on the screen in the bar and if a court is available, book there and then using your 4-digit PIN. Give it a try and we hope that you enjoy it- if it takes off we can develop it with a league system etc.

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